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Art Workshops with the Girl Guides

Updated: Mar 26

The Girl Guides in East Harptree asked the Arts Hub along to run two sessions with them this February, which we were really excited to be part of as our first projects in the community. Our artists Keri and Louis centred the workshops around the theme of owls, since the Guides had recently been focussing on a bird watching topic. We were blown away by the creativity of the group and some amazing artworks were made! The artists had great feedback from the workshops and hope to come back later in the year to run sessions for the Guides Whittling Badge.

Keri ran the first session. Using her skills as an illustrator, Keri taught some techniques for how to create characters from locally found owl species using watercolour and coloured pencils. We were really impressed at the brilliant drawings the girls produced!

Louis ran the second session. Focussing more on sculptural crafts, Louis taught some clay moulding techniques and brought in clay, feathers, old hornet's nests and seedpods and the girls got messy making some mini owl sculptures. Some chose to paint their owl with pigment made from foraged local red ochre found in the Coombe!

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