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Exciting beginnings at the Arts Hub at East Harptree

The Arts Brunch 28th January 2024

It was fantastic to see such an an amazing turn out for the arts brunch!  Thank you to all who came and supported the project and joined in our arts and crafts with, Keri, Louis and local artist Ali Brown.  It was great to connect with the community and hear your thoughts and feedback on what you would like to see from the Arts Hub project at East Harptree. Sign up to our newsletter and watch this space for information on projects we will soon be part of and how you can get involved...!

  • Louis' craft table was all about experimenting with natural charcoal made from King Alfred's cakes mushroom. Louis handmade some crayons from mixing the black powder mushroom with beeswax which worked amazingly for sketching.

  • Keri's drawing table introduced techniques on how to illustrate your own teddy bear or create a personalised character from a template - there were some excellent illustrators in the making!

  • Local artist Ali Brown got everyone stuck in to painting fairytale mushrooms made out of egg boxes and corks as well as sticking handmade redcap mushrooms on sticks. It went down really well with the kids!

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